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Start using our QR Code Designer to create a QR Code that matches your brand identity. You can define a style and a type of QR Code very easily, let us help you!

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Choose the format that suits you: PDF, VCard (carte de visite), Video, Wi-Fi, Link to your website, etc.


Customize it to your liking

Our design system allows you to make a QR that suits you as by customizing all shapes and colors.


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It's all over ! You can now download your code in your preferred format that you can then make visible to all.

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How QRDesigner works ?

QRDesigner allows you to easily create and customize QR Codes to display information to your audience. For example, you can create a "Wi-Fi" QR Code so that your friends can connect to your network in a second.
You can pay by credit card (Visa/MasterCard)
The subscription is without commitment and can be cancelled at any time. To do so go to your personal dashboard, in the "My information” section or by contacting our services directly

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